Natural Swimming Pool

Pondco are nearing completion on this large natural swimming pool in Coatesville. This pond has Geocomposite phreatic water drainage system and gas drainage strips beneath the liner. A top grade non-woven geotextile was used for this job with a water flow rate of 50gal/min/ft rating. The lining for this pond was Carlisle Geo Tough EPDM Rubber membrane. This was used as for the many different angle changes and this was an old existing pond site so some settlement is expected. Carlisle EPDM is the very top of the line in EPDM rubber and they are the world’s oldest manufacturer of EPDM. Comes with a 20yr material warranty and a 50 year life expectancy.

The liner is adhered to the vertical up right retaining walls with a contact adhesive and a primary lining to protect the bonding system from water that flows through the retaining walls. The liner is held at the base of the wall with custom made termination profile. The top of the walls are held with Carlisle Termination bar and stainless steel fasteners.

Black oxide was added to plaster mix to fill the post extrusion cavity’s to stop debris collecting in them and aesthetics. This pond also features a 6m wide spillway with a deck built over it. As this pond is design to run full all the time and local rainfall could see up to 48 500 litres an hour coming through the spillway. Pondco constructed a steeped water course that was lined and will have large rock to retain and detain the water as it reaches a natural water way. A large water wheel was added and all the retaining walls surrounding the pond were lined both sides . The tops of the walls were left open and scoria and plants will let this pond breath and be a great look. Circumnavigating the pond is a complex drainage system prevents any water getting near the pond edge.

This pond is very impressive and will be an awesome thing to have in your back yard.