Land Corp Herd Home Base Lining

We got the first stage of the Land Corp Herd Home Base Lining project completed late last week. Everything ran to schedule and on time. Trucks were driven over the liner as soon as it was installed filling the 120m long bays with drainage metal (Pumice) and wood chips. Not one puncture or tear in any of the bays.

The Land Corp Business Analyst , Ryan Baxter was very impressed with the ease of installation and performance of the Aquaflex and my crew.

The farming magazine companies are running articles on the project and this will really be great for sales on the Aquaflex.

There has been quite some media coverage on the whole Broadlands project as Land Corp is NZ largest corporate farm plus they are the second largest shareholding in Fonterra.

The Broadlands project is a 25 000ha conversion from a forestry block.

Stage 2 is scheduled for the end of July.