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Safety Escape Rope System

Safety Escape rope systems are an important part of constructing large and deep ponds. It ensures that escape is possible anywhere in the pond. These ropes are particularly essential in effluent ponds and irrigation ponds. It’s a precaution for “one of those days” when accidents happen.

The Pondco Safety Escape Systems is designed so people can pull themselves out of danger from anywhere in the pond and prevent possible drowning.  Traditional systems use a ladder on one side of the pond, however if a person falls into the pond on the opposite side of the ladder they are in a very dangerous situation.   Trying to swim fully clothed and possibly fighting the effects of the stirrer would make exiting the pond extremely difficult, if not impossible.  The Pondco Safety Escape System is designed so that whatever side of the pond a fall may occur, there is always a rope close at hand.  Our Safety Escape System is made of 100% marine grade materials, and for most ponds only 4 corner posts are required.

The safety escape rope system features the following:
  • 20 year material warranty
  • Long life expectancy
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Durable and dependable

Traditional rope safety systems involve the use of ladders on one side. The Pondco safety escape rope system is designed to prevent possible drowning anywhere in the pond.


Manufactured in NZ and made from blending Polypropylene and Polyethylene resins.
UV Stabilized to meet our extreme UV conditions.
12mm ropes have a breaking load of 2654kgs
16mm ropes have a breaking load of 4600kgs


High buoyancy floats, are manufactured in New Zealand   and seam welded for maximum performance. These are 70mm in diameter.


Manufactured in New Zealand and made from marine grade PVC, Ultraviolet(UV) stabilised to meet our extreme UV conditions.

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