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Farm Dairy Effluent - Centroid Design

Pondco Centroid storage solutions are an economical means of effluent storage that will last, whilst remaining up to six times cheaper per cubic meter contained than an above ground tank type storage. The centre of the pond is the closest point to the water table and also incorporates a pressure relief valve in unsurpassed rises of the phreatic table. In the event of an earthquake the rubber can stretch up to 3 times its length with no problem. In unforeseen circumstances of extreme winds, the pond will not be affected.

Minimised earthworks cost. Most of the embankments can be built from base excavations material. Large centre base ponds with minimum 2% fall to the centre greatly reduce outside embankment heights.

Terratex Geotextile underlay. Helps with embankment support and provides extra liner protection.

Firestone Geomembrane rubber liner with secondary seam protection/strengthening. Large panels up to 15m x 60m - means less seams, faster installation.

We use the following:
  • Centroid design cuts the distance transitional water or gases have to escape by half
  • Centralized weight and settlement design for increased pond longevity
  • Effluent can enter and exit from the one centre pipe.
  • Leak detection more accurate
  • Large panels requiring less seams and all have secondary seam protection
  • Savings in machine hire and decreased lining installation time
  • 20 Year Material Warranty

All aspects of a Pondco Centroid are in compliance with IPENZ Practice note 21. All products used are international standard tested. All technical information is provided. Standard producer statements and full pond reports are provided on pond completion.