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Water Drainage

Filter drainage protection is a crucial part of any pond system, especially when it comes to the construction of effluent ponds. Tenax Tendrain geocomposites include a combination of nonwoven geotextiles and geonets, offering a powerful filtrating action.

Below are some of the benefits of using Pondco for water drainage:

  • Savings in metal cost and delivery
  • Savings during the excavations of trenches and spoils removal
  • Ease of installation
  • Larger areas of base phreatic control

The Tenax Tendrain products we use here at Pondco are of a high-profile mesh structure, which are created by three intersecting strands. The triangular-shaped mesh has an inner strand that is thicker and heavier which provides high-compressive resistance.

Tenax Tendrain

TENAX TENDRAIN geocomposites are a combination of TENAX geonets and nonwoven geotextiles. The combination geotextiles (filtering action) and geonet (drainage and protection) offers a complete system of "filter-drainage-protection". TENAX TENDRAIN has an inner core comprised of a high profile triangular shaped mesh structure made by three sets of overlaid intersecting strands. The inner strands, thicker and heavier, provide high compressive resistance and transmissivity.

Typical applications

Waste disposals; underground structures; retaining walls; gardens and sport fields; road foundations; ground channels

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