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Effluent Ponds

Eliminate the high cost associated with animal waste treatment with Pondco’s effluent ponds. As a company that specialises in effluent pond design and construction, you can be assured that the ponds we build meet the highest quality standards.

Pondco offers something different. Our Centroid storage solutions offer an economical means to store effluent effectively and cheaply. It is estimated to cost 6 times less per cubic meter compared to ground tank type storage. The centre of the pond is the closest point to the water table. This design also incorporates a pressure relief valve. In the event of an earthquake, the rubber can stretch 3 times its length.


  • Pond longevity - centralised weight and settlement design
  • Efficiency – effluent water enters and escapes in one pipe
  • Accurate leak detection –offers a better way to detect leaks compared to other designs
  • Seam protection – Pondco uses large panels which requires less seams while providing better seam protection. All seams have secondary seam protection with a cover strip which strengthens the seam as well as providing added protection
  • Decreased installation time – our design results in less machine hire and manpower time

All EPDM materials come with a 20 Year Material warranty and a 50 year life expectancy

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