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AquaFlex Pond Liner is an alternative material to EPDM perfect for irrigation ponds, effluent ponds and back yard ponds or water features. Aqua-Flex is a new highly flexible thermoplastic VLDPE liner that offers excellent flexibility, puncture and tear resistance, while being half the weight of 45 mil EPDM Aquaflex, making it ideal for residential or commercial water features, dairy effluent ponds, recreational and creative custom designs.  AquaFlexTM Pond Liner was designed to be long lasting whilst still being quick and easy to install.  To ensure your requirements are fulfilled we have a wide range of stock sizes as well as custom fabricated sizes.  Aqualiner is easy to install with worry-free maintenance.

Aquaflex BrochureAquaflex Specification Sheet


AquaFlex Pond Liner Features

  • Low resistance in low temperatures
  • Flexible and Conforming
  • Excellent Outdoor Longevity
  • 20 Year Material Warranty
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy Installation
  • Environmentally Safe

Typical Applications

The AquaflexTM Pond Liner can be used in many different areas, whether you're wanting to use it for your backyard pond, dairy effluent pond, koi ponds, decorative ponds, aquatic habitats, streams, fountains, waterfalls or water gardens.

Recent Projects