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Pool Liner/Conversions

Pondco has special pool lining for swimming pools that can be used for both public and private pools. We are also able to convert your existing swimming pool, if need be. As durability is a key factor when dealing with pools, we ensure that we only use materials that have been proven to withstand the test of time. Our team specialises in the installation of pool liners/conversions, so you can rest assured that the work meets and surpasses your expectations.


  • Durability - Pondco uses only highly durable materials that meet the exact needs of your project. By working with Pondco, you can rest assured that the structure of the pool will last for a long time.
  • Flexibility - we are able to work on large and small pool projects alike. Our solutions can be adapted to fit in with your requirements.
  • Affordability - expect competitive prices from us. Pondco charges reasonable rates for pool liners and for other services.
  • Detail Orientated - as a specialist pond installation and lining company, our team understands the importance of detail. Your pool will look perfect even at close inspection.
  • No seepage - rest assured that seepage won't be a problem when you hire Pondco's expertise.
  • Quality materials - we only use quality materials from trusted suppliers. Expect durability and aesthetic improvements when you choose our services

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