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About Pondco

Pondco is the leading custom containment lining/design company in New Zealand. We create customised customized ponds from any lining aspects. Whether you need natural swimming, irrigation pools, underground detention and storage tanks, decoration and ornamental ponds or to our world award winning dairy farm effluent ponds we have the expertise to deliver the best-in-class solutions.Pondco has a team of Firestone certified and trained installers.
Pondco specialise in pond construction/design and are accredited with various world recognised achievements coupled with experience and a
nationwide team of construction experts in their field.


Aqua Flex is a co-extruded membrane consisting of prime very-low-density black polyethylene (VLDPE) to provide extremely high elongation, tear resistance, and bursting strength. Aqua Flex will remain flexible and conforming for challenging angles and terrains without stress cracking problems often seen with high density membranes.

A minimum fine carbon black content of 2.0% provides excellent protection from UV rays and harsh weather conditions. Manufactured from virgin resins, Aqua Flex does not contain plasticizers which can migrate to the surface, causing premature aging and degradation Read More >>

Aquaflex Specification SheetAquaflex Agricultural Applications

2013 Winner - Small Project Category
IAGI Certified Welding Technician (CWT)